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Quantum Gravity Grand Unification New Physics
Lecture Notes to DPG Spring Conferences
Successfully Unravelling the
Structure of Our Universe and Its Particles by First Principles
C. Birkholz
presented at the joint DPG Spring Conf. on Gravitation, on the Mathematics of Physics, and on the Philosophy of Physics,
Jena/Germany, AGPhil 10.3 (2013)
The recent breakthrough resulting in a non-perturbative unification of Einstein’s relativity with Planck’s quantum theory has posed onward questions:
Why is (bent) space-time (1+3)-dimensional?
Why is it an SU(2,2) which is the covering group of fully
     quantized General Relativity?
Only a handful of more or less evident postulates is needed in order to deduce that fundamental physics must be based on an atomistic model and that the number of degrees of freedom should be some small power of 8 in terms of a degeneracy expansion. Irreducibility, then, is slicing our world into separate bent universes orthogonal to each other.
    After deriving Einstein’s "World Formula" from first principles, its evaluation provides a consistent Quantum Gravity in fully quantized bent space-time on its first degeneracy level - as a singlet representation with respect to the Grand Unification (GUT). Its second degeneracy level adds "internal" forces as vector representations of the GUT. A particle (viewed from outside) and our universe (viewed from inside) are subject to identical equations.
    Finally, the mechanism how a particle is condensing out of Dark Matter is derived.