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Quantum Gravity Grand Unification New Physics
Lecture Notes to DPG Spring Conferences
Particle Physics under the Auspices of Quantum Gravity and Its GUT extension.
Deriving Forces and the Quark Confinement
C. Birkholz
presented at the DPG Spring Conf. on Particles, Dresden/Germany, T 25.3 (2013)
Degeneracy classes of "quanta" are providing 2 levels:
1) Quantum Gravity together with Hermitean conjugation, and
2) the Grand Unification (GUT) of all forces of nature.
By 1), space-time and Einstein’s General Relativity are fully quantized, revealing Dark Energy to be some quantum effect on cosmic scale determining the non-vanishing big bang radius of a non-singular universe.
    By 2), gravitation is identified to be the singlet component related to a triplet of "internal" forces whose triple Kronecker terms are adding 4 additional fundamental forces. By using gravitation as a blueprint for "internal" interactions, this triplet structure explains the experimentally observed quark confinement.
    Assuming a primeval universe to saturate all "internal" bonds, we deduce the experimental properties of (Cold) Dark Matter together with a mechanism how ordinary particles are condensing out of it. Particles are summing up the tiny masses of their "internally" saturated non-valence constituents plus (negligibly) their valence parts. Higgs particles are not needed.