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Quantum Gravity Grand Unification New Physics
Lecture Notes to DPG Spring Conferences
Beyond Quantum Gravity and Its GUT Extension:
Problems Still Open in Comprehending Our World
C. Birkholz
presented at the joint DPG Spring Conf. on Gravitation, the Mathematics of Physics, and the Philosophy of Physics, Berlin/Germany, AGPhil 10.1 (2014),
released already under in summer 2013
QG opens totally new horizons. Its group-theoretical approach is triggering the theoretician to reconsider his aged arguments having led into the current state of stagnation in fundamental physics. A "New Physics" is avoiding the short-cuts of the old one.
The current string models "beyond" the "standard" model are blamed to be "irrelevant" for physics. QG/GUT are shown to represent "string" models as well - but working ones, in accord with experiment. Their "exotic" force type is suspected to trigger the creation of black holes and, possibly, new organic structures.
The Copenhagen interpretation is corrected to respect irreducibility. Then, physics will be totally deterministic, with its "parallel-world" scenarios becoming mere fiction.
The crucial new challenge is to reconcile "motion" with a static, deterministic world. A key role might play the human notion of a "memory", which is unilaterally directed towards past events.
For more information on QG and GUT see