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Quantum Gravity Grand Unification New Physics
Lecture Notes to DPG Spring Conferences
Is Our Universe Finite? New Physics by Dark Matter.
On Hike Through Black, White, and Worm Holes.
C. Birkholz
presented at the joint DPG Spring Conf. on Gravitation, the Mathematics of Physics, and the Philosophy of Physics, Berlin/Germany, GR 27.2 (2014),
released already under in summer 2013
Quantum Gravity (QG) allows finite-dimensional representations for its particles without getting into the traditional trouble with probability conservation. As in QG a particle and a universe are described by identical equations, our universe is expected to be finite, as well.
Within a finite universe, not only space-time is limited, but there also must exist upper bounds for energy-momentum: A particle cannot be accelerated up to arbitrary energy.
By erasing major inconsistencies in quantum field theories, their current types are proved to systematically destroying structure of our universe, which, thus, must be much greater than officially assumed. The key is traced back to Dark Matter.
Black Holes are argued to be "particle vertices" with respect to our universe, while "White Holes", here, are not yet identified. The intermediary exchange state between such a related pair, by GR is represented as a "Worm Hole".
For more information on QG and GUT see