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Quantum Gravity Grand Unification New Physics
Lecture Notes to DPG Spring Conferences
The Lepton Family as Resulting from the GUT Extension of Quantum Gravity.
Pauli’s Exclusion Principle by "Internal" Forces
C. Birkholz
Presented at the DPG Spring Conf. on Particles, Mainz/Germany, T 99.5 (2014), released already under in 2013

Pauli’s exclusion principle is shown to be consistent with the assumption of a mediating particle interacting, replacing the traditional anticommutator argumentation.
The GUT extension of QG is adding 4 additional fundamental forces to the traditional 4 ones. By assuming its "leptonic" one to have an especially small "horizon", lepton generations are arising.
Leptons reveal to be antiparticles, antileptons particles. Their internal structure is identified to resemble that of an atom: A "leptonucleus", too tiny yet to have shown up in experiment, is surrounded by a single shell quant of ordinary quantum numbers. Lepton flavours are structure differences in how this leptonucleus is tied up in a lepton.
These structure differences explain the solar neutrino conundrum in terms of scattering on single dark matter constituents.
For more information on QG and GUT see