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Quantum Gravity Grand Unification New Physics
Lecture Notes to DPG Spring Conferences
100 Years after Einstein's GR, 115 Years after Planck's Quanta -
Viewing Our World 5 Years after Their Consistent Unification
C. Birkholz
presented at the joint DPG Spring Conf. on Gravitation, the Mathematics of Physics, and the Philosophy of Physics, Berlin/Germany, AGPhil 13.1 (2015) [1].
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This is a review on how 5 years ago - after the end of a long period of stagnation - Einstein's GR expanded to a consistent Quantum Gravity on a quantized bent space-time by unifying itself with Quantum Theory traced back to Planck. By still incorporating Gell-Mann’s Quark Model, it proceeded to a Grand Unification (GUT/ToE) of all forces of nature.
By extracting a New Physics to replace the inconsistent "Standard Model", particle physics became tightly related to cosmology, answering the great questions like what is space, what time. Dark Matter emerged explicitly, not consisting of "wimps".
Beside series of experimental checks in cosmology, gravity, particle and atomic physics, the existence of virtual states had been identified as a mere effect of GR, which, thus, revealed as the motor of particle physics challenging philosophy. And, as a typical representative of Old Physics, Bell’s theorem on "hidden" parameters does not apply to New Physics.
By Dirac, New Physics might as well be considered as a "String Model" - however one giving physical results and in accord with experiment.
For more information on QG and GUT see