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Quantum Gravity Grand Unification New Physics
The Actual State of Cognition
Quanta, In the Cycle of Time,
The Philosophy of Finiteness.
C. Birkholz
Philosophical examination of how ideologies torpedo the progress of science. Example: Quantum Gravity (QG) - the core of the view of our world that unifies fundamental physics and cosmology.
   The mathematics of Young tableaux with their mixed-variant symmetries clearly proves that Gell-Mann's quarks are only individually combinable. In the Soviet Union, Fok contrasted this with the collective principle of indistinguishability. Individual versus collective! Inverted world: The USA adopted the collective view as Fock space and 2nd quantization.
   On the other hand, Einstein was obsessed with his equivalence principle. Feynman demonstrated by his virtual masses, that Einstein's approach of invariant masses could not hold true. Therewith, he reduced Einstein's General Theory of Relativity (GR) to the role of a perturbation theory to an unknown entirety.
   Consequently, 2nd quantization and the equivalence principle, which are the foundations of the “Standard” Models of particle physics and cosmology, are to be considered basically not to be understood. The reason for it is known (Young and Feynman) and remedy is denied: The entrenched rules of the ivory tower have priority; external indications are rejected.
   Finally, Einstein postulated a “world formula”. Since he was not able even to unify gravity and electrodynamics, this postulate only earned him scornful ridicule. However, its realization became the basis of QG, which in turn is ignored in the official literature, because it had not been developed in one of their institutes.
   Thus, the prestige and extraneous ideologies of compartmentalized ivory towers have hindered the advancement of knowledge in physics for generations.