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Quantum Gravity Grand Unification New Physics
Summary View on lectures given as well as scheduled ones
The "World Formula",
Rising from the Ashes of "Standard" Dogmas after 40 Years of Stagnating Particle Theory
C. Birkholz
Summary view on lectures on DPG Spring Conf. on Particles, Gravitation, and on the Mathematics and Philosophy of Physics,
Compilation of ideas (German version, May 2013), English translation released in 2014
Back-Cover Text:
The target of "New Physics" is it to replace the inconsistent "Standard Model" by a
Grand Unification
based on a Quantum Gravity in a mathematically closed form by means of a consistent unification of Planck’s world of quanta with Einstein’s world of General Relativity and Gell-Mann’s quark model.
   Einstein himself and Heisenberg had failed. Trials of embarrassment, like the "Loop Quantum Gravity" approach, never left their starting positions. Searched for since 100 years in vain, after deSitter’s contemporaries, nobody of rank had seriously been working on a solution.
  Now, we finally got it - not only in some approximation, but, at one blow, in mathematically closed form. This booklet is presenting the logic of its construction, which basically is that simple.
   A social-critical consideration is added on the reasons why this simple solution had been retarded by such a long time.